Human Resources

Recruitment Team

Our specialists in personnel selection are people with legal, psychological, sociological, and professional management training, with proven experience and success recognized by our clients.

We have standard operating procedures and systems that allow us to work in an efficient and effective way.

Our goal is knowing the culture of our clients, evaluating professionals technically, and analyzing their performance, experience, and compatibility.

Our company is accredited in the ISO 15504 standards Maturity Model Level 3, that demonstrates our commitment with quality in our work.



Network of candidates

We have permanently updated a ranking of the technologies most demanded by our clients and in relation to this a ranking of the candidates available in our network to be able to attend the requests with the maximum speed.

We have a wide base of updated candidates composed of professionals who have been selected and qualified as of interest for our projects and those of our clients.

Our network of candidates is qualified by the parameters that allow us to cover the requests with the highest quality.

The management that our company applies to our professionals is based on respect, consideration, motivation, training and stimulation of creativity.