Human Resource Management, and ICT Professionals Network for your team.

Our GOAL is to meet your aims and objectives in Human Resources Management specialized in new technologies with a high level of commitment. With qualified methods, great capacity of our HR Department, and a broad network, we guarantee the best selection of professionals in terms of skills and attitude to integrate in your workgroup.

OutSourcing / Recruitment

  • Job role analysis
  • Pre-selection of candidates.
  • Job Interviews.
  • Assessment in background experience, attitudes and skill sets.
  • Selection of potential candidates.
  • Presentation of job candidates.
  • Quotation (rate/ fee)

Training / Internships

  • Survey on needs and diagnostic.
  • Design and implementation of training activities.
  • Content development.
  • Practice in actual projects.
  • Monitoring and progress evaluation during training stage
What is good for us is good for our customers


We free up time and resources for companies, With no risk. Our goal is to become a valuable business partner .

About us

Hits is an eSail It’Solutions Business Division. Founded in 2012.
Team with extensive experience in IT.
Home growth software development and 3rd parts applications provider.
ISO15504 Certificate III Level.
Based in Malaga, one of the most important technological hubs in Europe.
Operating in Spain, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras.